Tips for Learning Chinese

Learn Chinese fast & easy

Chinese is the world's most commonly spoken language and it is no surprise that many people wish to learn it. To add to this and despite the fact that English is considered as the language of business, Chinese is an increasingly useful tool for world trade. China is expanding its influence upon the world and a knowledge of its language can never be a bad thing.

To the casual observer, Chinese is a completely obscure and alien concept and not something that they will ever understand. For some people however, it presents a huge challenge and an incredible goal to understand and conquer the barriers between us and the world's most common language. Here are a few of the ways in which it differs from English for you to look out for.

If I told you that more than one sixth of the world's population lives in China then I would imagine it will come as no surprise to learn that Chinese is the world's number one language with more than 1.3 billion total speakers. China is a very quickly growing economy and we are now seeing more and more trade with China. It's immense people power allows it to produce a huge volume of goods at incredibly cheap prices, leading to what you could classify as a complete revolution in global manufacture. With such a situation, Chinese language skills are incredibly well valued by international organizations.