What's the best way to learn German fast & easy, how about online learning programs?

Learning a new language won’t be easy, but the task can be made simpler by finding the right course and a good teacher to help you make the progress. You can attempt to learn the new language by making use of the right software that has an easy to navigate, user-friendly interface.

What's the best German program for you, to speed up German learning?

There are numerous alternatives available to those looking for a good online German course. While some sites allow you to download audio files and e-books, there are other sites that help users download files on their iPhones and iPods so that they can practice the language even while they are exercising or travelling.

Before the detailed comparison chart, I suggest that you check out these programs:

For beginners to start fast and easily, with tight budget: Rocket German

For listening comprehension, conversational skills, and pronunciation: Pimsleur German

For comprehensive German learning software: Rossta Stone German

Still wanna check out the detailed, side by side comparison chart? Read on.

Here is a review of popular online courses that you can select based on your specific requirements and skill sets, so pick a course based on your needs, enjoy your trip to Germany, and flaunt your newly acquired linguistic skills to impress the natives:

Rank #1 #2 #3
French Courses Rocket German Pimsleur German Rosetta Stone German

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Brief 33 well defined audio lessons along with 31 cultural lessons, CDs, and books. One-time fee to enjoy lifetime membership, interactive games, quizzes, and progress tracker. Portable audio intensive lessons, no computer needed student teacher interaction and lots of freebees.   Immersion Method of teaching in 5 levels with games and puzzles to help vocabulary, 6 month money back guarantee.


24x7 customer support, good quality audio files, interactive games to make learning easy and effective.

Backed by 40 years of research, course is well structured to ensure fluency. Speech recognition technology and interactive lessons.
Cons Will not be helpful for working professionals. Personal tutors are unavailable. No focus on writing comprehension skills.

Not much of grammar and no dictionary or transcript to help clear doubts.


Best Price

Download version At $99.95.

Hardcopy at $299.95.

 $119.95 for each level.  
The Verdict Pocket friendly price and detailed content is what makes this course desirable. It’s great for those keen on learning fluent daily German.  A very Intensive course.
French Courses Rocket German  Pimsleur German Rosetta Stone German
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