The Iconic language of French is one of the most recognized and immediately identifiable of all the world's languages. There is no other language on the planet with such charm and elegance as well as sophistication and refinement. So how should you go about learning a language? It certainly seems a very difficult task when you listen to a native speaker and think: I'll never be able to speak like that. Believe it or not, you can and your brain is naturally able to learn any language it comes into contact with.

Several methods exist and here is a summary on French learning techniques.

If you are learning your second language and have no experience of the process, it may be better to attend some French classes to get you started. They will be available at your local adult education center and usually quite reasonably priced as well. This is beneficial as you will get the chance to ask questions and learn from a qualified professional; you cannot do this with a book.

With a similar format, online French lessons are becoming rather popular. They are generally much cheaper than non-virtual classes but you don't have the advantage of having a real speaker in front of you. There are still many benefits to this type of learning and the resources available are now exceptionally good. The internet also has excellent coverage of all grammatical points and idiomatic language.

You can also read some French every day in the form of a magazine, book or newspaper. This doesn't have to be expensive at all and you could try ordering a few books on a subject you are interested in, only in French. A few magazines on your favorite sport or hobby will improve your French and increase your vocabulary.

French Literature is the best in the world, trust me I have read many a book in French, and this is a great way of improving your language skills in a very engaging and interesting way. Little and often is what you need to remember; pick up your book for short bursts and note down a few new words and learn their meanings. In this way you will retain the new language that you are reading.

As well as reading French, you can also listen to it: this may be on the radio, music or television. With the invent of replay schemes on TV station websites you can watch programs and videos in good quality and pick up on the spoken language. This can almost be as good as visiting a French speaking country although it remains the best way of learning a language if you immerse yourself in it.

So there are many ways of learning a language. The best way is a combination of all of them to give yourself a wide base and remember to stick to the little and often mantra to get your brain in retention mode. Remember this and you will be able to pick it up in no time.

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