Going abroad and want to learn French fast? Whether it’s just for fun, travel, or for your career, this guide will show you the quickest way to learn French. If you’re up for the challenge, you can even learn French in 24 hours!

For the best tips for learning French fast, keep reading. We’ll reveal our best kept secrets to learning this beautiful language.

 Is It Really Possible to Learn French Fast?

I won’t beat around the bush, the answer is simply: it depends. Learning French fast requires you to put a lot of effort into active learning. Active learning will mean that you endeavor to understand the very fundamental aspects of the language before trying to learn all the vocab or perfecting your grammar.

The fastest way to learn French is through immersion. If you can’t immerse yourself physically into French culture, there are other tools and online resources to help mimic the lessons and benefits that immersion provides.

If you’re a student, use the opportunity to study abroad. You won’t regret it. If you’re a teacher, teach abroad. If you want to learn French fast for your career, take a 6-week intensive summer course in France and come back fluent!

The possibilities are endless.

So Just How Long Does It Take to Learn French?

Again, the answer depends. Some people may have a special talent in picking up on languages, so learning French may take them just a few short months. If you’re studying French through books, the process may take longer.

The time it takes to learn French will vary from person to person. It all depends on your motivation to learn. But if anything, let this encourage you, not discourage you! Remember: The fastest way to learn French is by practicing, cultural immersion, and necessity!

For example; if you’re lost in France (or a French-speaking country), you will improve your French much faster because,

  1. You speak (and learn) out of necessity
  2. You are immersed in the language and culture
  3. You are practicing each and every day!

Practical Ways for How to Learn French Fast

So if you’re wanting to learn French fast, here’s a few simple guidelines to help you get started.

Gather your materials. Envelope yourself (literally) in resources to help you learn French. Video tutorials, music, books, activity sheets, etc--the whole deal.

Get to work. Learning French requires practice, and lots of it. Dedicate time (as much as you need or want) each and every day to learn.

Combine it all together. Studying grammar for hours isn’t going to help you learn French fast. All of the nitty-gritty details will come together. Learn the foundations of French, find the patterns of sentence structure and rules, and run with it.

The Ultimate Fastest Way to Learn French

I will say it again because it’s so important: The fastest way to learn French is by cultural immersion.

If a trip to a French-speaking country isn’t possible, be creative and find other ways to immerse yourself in the language. Go to language-practicing coffee meetups, watch French films and read children’s books.

So Can Anyone Learn French in 24 hours or Days? 

But of course! To learn French in 24 hours will require you to pick up on basic French structure and rules fast. But it’s possible. There are many rules in the French language that once you learn, you can apply to anything new you want to say.

For example, once you learn that basic sentence structure to a sentence, you can replace it with other verbs and conjugations to create new sentences.

  • “Je vais manger” = “I’m going to eat”.

Proper pronoun “Je” + conjugated verb in the “I” tense “vais” + infinitive “manger” (complete verb meaning “to ___” )

Now create other sentences!

  • Je vais aller = I’m going to go.
  • Je peux demander = I can ask.
  • Je vais sortir = I’m going to go out.
  • Je vais faire.. = I’m going to do..

With these tips, you’re surely on your way to learning French fast. Best of luck (bonne chance!)


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