Want to join millions of other Francophones around the world and start learning how to speak French today?

Keep reading to discover all our best tips if you want to learn how to speak French!

What’s Spoken French

Spoken French literally is French spoken orally. This may seem quite obvious, but actually there’s a lot more to spoken French than meets the eye.

“Spoken French” is often referred to because it differs greatly from written French.

The way French natives speak French will be much different than how they would write the same thing. In general, spoken French is much more casual with lots of added slang and “street talk.” Basically, spoken French is less formal.

In addition, spoken French is very fluid so it’s very common to hear Francophones shorten their words when they speak. This can be confusing at first, because what you see and what you hear can be two very different things, even if it’s the same word or meaning.

A small example:

  • “Tu es très belle.” (Tchu ehy tReh beh-L.) You are very beautiful.
    • Learn to speak French like a local and say “T’es très belle” instead (Teh tReh beh-L.)

Lastly, in spoken French there are many silent endings to words. This can make it hard to distinguish which verb form or tense the person is using. With written French, you’ll be able to tell immediately who the person is addressing, thanks to the verb endings.


  • Ils mangent. (eeL maw-n-j) They eat/are eating.

In oral French, the last three letters -ent- are silent.

Learn How to Speak French

If you want to learn how to speak French, the best practices to have is exactly that--to practice. It’s the number one way you will learn how to speak French.

It’s an evident matter-of-fact statement, but you will be surprised at how easy it is to procrastinate and get behind on much needed language learning.

The best way to start is also just to start. Open up a French learning app, book, or go on Youtube to check out some introductory speaking videos. Any time you spend towards learning is a big A+!

Learn Spoken French Fast

Learn conversational French by first learning how to speak and introduce yourself in French. Once you learn several basic vocab words, sentences, common phrases, etc., you can start learning to speak French faster and faster.

The best way to learn spoken French fast is by dedicating several times (minutes or hours) a day to listening and repeating words and phrases out loud.

Make this even more fun and get a group together to practice speaking in French. But only if you promise not to switch back to English!

Learn to Speak French Fluently

You can learn to speak French fluently by training with a native French speaker. With how advanced technology is these days, speaking to someone currently in France, or elsewhere, is now possible and easy to do.

There are several online sources or group web chats that you can participate in to practice speaking in French (check out “WeSpeke” for free French exchanges with native speakers).

The more you practice speaking the faster you will get. With some motivation and lots of effort, at the end of a few intense weeks or months, you will be able to speak French fluently! Now how cool is that?


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