Thanks to technology these days, even learning languages can be easily with helpful online tools. Learning French online is a practical way to study and learn French in your daily life. With the help of easy-to-follow lesson plans, exercises, fun games and more, learning French online becomes possible. 

What’s Learning French Online?

Learn French online for free using several different modes and platforms. Learning French online is an easy, effective way to progress in your French learning!

With French online classes, for example, you will learn to improve on your French vocabulary, grammar, verb conjugations, and more! From short lessons to intensive weekly courses, learning French online has something to offer everyone seeking to speak, read, or write French.

Learn French Online Free

What’s great about online tools is that you can learn French online for free. Yep, that means no expensive semesters at school learning from bookwork. With free French online classes you can take the learning into your own hands.

There are many free online French applications you can download, or websites you can subscribe to.

If you’re looking to learn French online for free so that you can learn at your own pace, check out the following websites:

  • Bonjour de France
  • Duolingo
  • FluentU
  • French Assistant
  • TV5Monde

Learn French Online Courses

In addition to free websites that you can play around on to learn French online, there are also online French courses you can sign up to.

Some of the pros of enrolling in a French online course include: comprehensive lesson plans; videos and audio files; community resources; reminders and helpful information sent straight to your email; fun games; practice quizzes, texts, and more..

There are some really great French online courses available, and many of them are free!

Try these French online courses to really start boosting your French skills:

  • EdX - Free online courses given by universities around the world
  • Babbel - Paid courses for all levels, first trial is free
  • Alison - Free education and French online courses

How to Learn French Online

If you want to know how to learn French online, then go grab a mirror (hehe). Meaning that online learning if very much based on the learner’s sole motivation and determination to learn.

Learning French online is simple if you…

  • Practice everyday
  • Actively engage in learning
  • Mesmerize new phrases, expressions, words
  • Review verb conjugations so you don’t forget them
  • And more!

Signing up is quick and easy. Just follow the course (or website) instructions to get started. The rest of the process is in your hands!

Best Way to Learn French Online

The best way to learn French online is definitely through a website or online course that you feel motivated when thinking about. If you already feel like it’s going to be boring homework, then don’t do it (or at least change your thinking!)

The second best way to learn French online is to start today. Don’t put it off! It’s easy to procrastinate when learning a language, but it won’t have positive, long-term outcomes.

Once you get started, and you make online learning a habit, you will excel at learning French online. Just remember: Practice is key and don’t ever give up!


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