Learning a language can be a very difficult and time consuming process at times and even the most motivated of us, with the best of intentions, can falter from time to time. For this reason, it is very well advisable to try some new methods and speed up the rate at which you are absorbing Hindi. It's well worth the hassle as Hindi is a huge language in terms of total speakers and international importance. In an increasingly multi cultural world, we could use a language like Hindi very often indeed.

The first thing to bear in mind is this mantra for quicker learning; it can be applied to anything really but languages especially. Little and often is the best way to learn and if you get this right then you will find things go very smoothly indeed. The reason for this is that even the most intelligent and hard working of us don't really want to concentrate for hours on end and we are likely to get bored after a while. By learning a language on a little and often basis, we will negate the boredom and keep the process moving along quickly.

You can always try keeping the study guide or web page open and then coming back to it once or twice during a day to revise and increase your knowledge. You could add in a few articles written in Hindi to make it a little more interesting or you could try reading the product descriptions written in Hindi. This adds a few more words a day and will also not completely bore you in the same way that spending hours with a study book does.

This is the one mistake made by many people when they are trying to learn a language really quickly. They try to spend hours in intense concentration. This will only result in you becoming less able to retain the information that you are taking in and can get very frustrating indeed. The little and often philosophy avoids this and will allow you to keep yourself in the concentration zone.

Trying to go over words that you have learnt and writing them down as a memo can be a real help and will mean you can learn more words faster. This is because you cannot simply look at a word and expect to remember it for the rest of the time without revising it and testing yourself. Aim for five words a day and then test yourself on all of them at the end of the month. Re-learn the words that you failed on. In this way you can learn 35 words a week which can add up to almost 2,000 a year. Another point to remember is to only learn words that you encounter and remember how they are used.

You really can learn a language quite quickly but stick to the little and often method and never try to force things with a huge session in front of your study materials.

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