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Italian Learning Apps

Ever wanted to learn the Italian language, but didn't know where to start? There's a whole world of language learning apps out there that make it so easy to begin.

Using these Italian learning apps is no substitute to going out of your comfort zone and actually reaching out to native speakers either in your area or through the internet, but they will do in a pinch should you want to know just enough for you to get by on your upcoming trip to Italy.

learn italian fast

In today's fast-paced world where every thing can be ordered on demand, (add more fluff).

However, you can't say exactly the same for processes that take time, such as learning, designing, and engineering - even if it can be tempting to cut corners just to do things in as less time as possible.

The problem with this approach, however, is that rushing things tends to lead towards inefficiency and thus, wasted time.

best way to learn Italian

Yes, I get it - learning anything from scratch is a daunting task that discourages potential learners from even starting.

Much more so in learning a language that you have no previous knowledge speaking.

I know the feeling, because I've been there.

I developed an itch for the Italian language after having toured Italy 5 years ago. There is something about how expressive the Italian language is and how it sounds that draws people to it - myself included.

Italian is one of the Romance languages and is spoken by more than 70 million native speakers. It is seen by many as a fiery and expressive language with its very distinctive sound. We all have the typical image in our heads of an Italian chef speaking in an emphatic manner and kissing his fingertips as he roles out another perfect plate of pasta. Unfortunately, learning Italian is a masterpiece in itself and there are many mistakes to be made along the way.

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