Italian is a distinctive language which comes with its own set of charms and appeals. Unfortunately, it also comes with many difficult areas and pitfalls which need be mastered if you are going to get to grips with the language of passion and fire. Like any language, there are many ways in which you can pick up a bit of Italian but how can you learn it effectively and without spending a fortune?

One idea is to get your web browser geared up for Italian. You could make your homepage the welcome screen for any Italian website for example and read one article each time you log on. This little and often approach is the very best way to learn a language and will never take too long. It will also remain varied and engaging. This is practically free considering you most probably have the internet anyway; if you don't then access is available at your local library.

If by any chance you do pop into your local library or bookstore, you could have a look at the many self teaching books and pick out one on Italian. This is still very price effective and you really can get a very comprehensive guide for not much money at all. This is an excellent method if you have the motivation and determination to study the language at home and is a very handy thing to be able to pick up when you have ten minutes to spare in the evening.

You can also listen to Italian radio stations and certain TV programs as well. It is possible now to listen online to many radio stations and some TV station websites have videos and news updates that are free to watch. This is a great way to improve your Italian listening skills and incredibly cost effective providing you have access to the internet.

Your DVD collection can also be a good help: you are bound to have a collection of DVDs which will mostly have subtitles in other languages. If Italian is one of them you can use the subtitles and hear the English equivalent of what you are reading. If you feel like a challenge then you could always watch a few Italian films. Buying these second hand from the internet is a very cheap option as well.

Italian literature is amongst the best in the world and a really interesting challenge if your language skills are heading towards advanced. If you are familiar with the main rules of grammar and have a good vocabulary base then you could learn some new words and authentic phrases by getting your nose into a good book.

So there you have it: you don't have to reach too far into your pocket in order to learn a bit of Italian or to improve what Italian you are already familiar with; it's just a case of knowing where to look and once you have this sussed then you will be well on your way.

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