You've finally decided to take the first step into your Italian language journey.

You're convinced of your motivation and desire to succeed.

You've decided that nothing will stop you from gaining that Italian language certification or that Italian job, or getting into that program in Italy.

But where do you begin? Language schools may claim that there is no substitute for formal, structured classroom learning, but then you may find that a classroom structure is rote and focuses too much on grammar exercises, and in the end, find yourself nowhere closer to stringing two sentences together during your oral exam.

Certain "methods", for instance, sell you only the IDEA of becoming "fluent" in "3 months", but end up becoming plain old information products with too much positive fluff and sadly lacking in real substance when it comes to learning Italian.

Well, have no fear - we've asembled 4 great resources that will improve all the facets of your learning as a beginner by going over some excellent resources for beginners.

1. Reading Materials

An easy way to learn Italian for beginners in reading comprehension is by starting from literature that uses spoken language, or the vernacular. Hence it would be great for beginners to start by reading great works of Italian plays that consist of dialog between characters, leaving the beginning reader to be able to pick up Italian grammatical structure as well as comprehension through context clues. Another great resource is magazines - because they are a snapshot of contemporary Italian language, expressions, and slang, and thus would become useful for conversation. Lastly, children's books and news articles are also fantastic resources that work can start with Antoine de Saint-Exupery's classic, the Little Prince!

2. Smartphone Apps

Chances are, you already own a smartphone or a smart device. And having access to one means you have no excuse as to not be able to learn....because Italian language learning apps are literally the best way to learn Italian for beginners due to so many good options. You have Duolingo, an app that makes language learning fun and easy especially for beginners, while packing a lot of substance; you have busuu, a social networking app that offers courses not just for Italian, but 11 more languages that offer easy language exchanges with native speakers through the app. And nothing beats connecting with native speakers as the fastest way to learn Italian!

3. Internet Radio and Podcasts

Podcasts are great for beginners to hone their listening and comprehension skills, as well as serve as a model by which they can practice their speaking. Some great podcasts that are absolutely free for you to use are Coffee Break Italian and One World Italiano on YouTube. There are thousands more out there!

4. Websites and Online Resources

We've already mentioned earlier that there is no better way to learn Italian than practicing with native speakers, and one of the best online resources for doing this is through italki - a great social network for connecting native speakers, tutors, professional teachers, and language learners of all levels. Sharedlingo is also a great way for you to practice your skills with native speakers through their platform which offers text chats, video calls, and audio chats with Italian speakers all over the world with ease and convenience by just logging on to the site.

These 4 resources will be a great start for you - what are you waiting for? Start today!


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