Review Top Merchants for Language Learning Programs

What's the best place to learn a new language online?


Rosetta Stone, Living Languages, Pimsleur, Michel Thomas, Rocket Languages - these are just some of the names that come to mind when we talk about language learning platforms and applications. Any language learner who has spent any sort of time researching methods on how to learn their chosen foreign language will have encountered these titles one way or another; in no small part due to the aggressive marketing they put out in the market.


Let's not beat around the bush - we all know that there have been plenty of reviews for one of the most well-known language learning courses out there: Rocket Languages.

Thing is, it's kind of hard to find one that actually discusses the truth about the course - partly due to the fact that a great majority of them find the Rocket Languages learning courses unanimously one of the best ones; while overlooking some of its shortcomings (and to be quite frank, it DOES have its shortcomings, as with any other language learning course).

Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone is among the leading brands in the field of language learning.

These brands mainly function for people living in English speaking countries. Rosetta Stone claims that their programs helps you in learning like a child even if you are am adult. However after a lot of criticism they modified their motto into learning a new language the way you learned your first. This shows that Rosetta Stone is not only exaggerating but 100 percent wrong.