Rosetta Stone is among the leading brands in the field of language learning.

These brands mainly function for people living in English speaking countries. Rosetta Stone claims that their programs helps you in learning like a child even if you are am adult. However after a lot of criticism they modified their motto into learning a new language the way you learned your first. This shows that Rosetta Stone is not only exaggerating but 100 percent wrong.

Rosetta Stone claims that you don’t need to step out of crouch before you can learn a new language perfectly, that the software is enough, a perfect environment for your learning. It also come with a price, $200 just for level 1 among the three levels that exists. Is it worth your money, let’s find out.

Rosetta Stone Pros

Rosetta Stone has a friendly interface, after being installed and well configured one can easily get it up and running. After this you will be immediately given a native speaker (they are really friendly and patient). This patience is really something when you learning a new language, once you don’t get you can click on a small circle button and the word or phrase will be repeated until you get it.

This feature is what I enjoyed the most and it’s the reason why Rosetta Stone is cool. Rosetta Stone helps you avoid the mistake thousands of language learns make. The mistake made is first thinking what in your native tongue and then make the translation into the language you're learning, this is avoided by making sure the only words you see and hear comes directly from the native in the new language.

Although this sounds quite amazing, it isn’t totally prefect. The cons are address below

Rosetta Stone Cons

This flaw of the Rosetta Stone is same that as always face every language learning app. The flaw is that you can’t ask questions when you want to for further learning or questioning because they are machines, robot, they are not real people. You have you assume the answers yourself or look for the answers somewhere else apart from Rosetta Stones and sometimes this might be dishearten.

Also there is difficulty in learning the meaning of the words into your native language except you take the frustration down to your dictionary. If you can’t access a dictionary, you will be left with your own assumption of what is and what isn’t. This allows you to only learn by context and immersion which is the main idea behind Rosetta Stone software.

Learning with Rosetta Stone is kindly of linear, you can’t really change the perspective. Though this really those not matter much. However it leaves your learning imperfect. It’s always up to the software to make all the decisions that really matters, you can learn how to converse as an adult, kid and peer mate.

Above all the fact that you can go into the basics of the new language is awful. You can’t learn the different sounds and syllable come together. However, this basics are released as the lessons go on. This is both effective and ineffective at the same time. If you don’t get a basic (pronunciations of a word) you have to what hoping the word comes up so you can learn to pronounce them.


As one can see Rosetta Stone isn’t really prefect but it the closet you get if you want a language speaker at your reach anytime on your computer. Since the pros and the cons are knowing some other tools are needed such as dictionary, a basic grammar book textbook and many other things are useful for learning alongside a Rosetta Stone.

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