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learn spanish podcast

You probably have heard of learning a language through a podcast and wonder what a podcast is?

A podcast is simply called a talk radio. Podcast is a collections of Audio tracks where addresses a particular subject or theme, you access the audio tracks using an App on your mobile phones.

Spanish podcast therefore contains series of spoken, audio episodes focusing on teaching or improving your Spanish.

do you speak Spanish

The beatitude of learning Spanish language is when one can actually speak it. I have seen a lot of high school student or rather does who learnt Spanish while in high school despite their grades they still can’t speak. This is because there are two different things, understanding Spanish and speaking Spanish language.

This does not mean you do not understand Spanish or you are not good at it, just that you practiced more of reading, writing and listening than speaking.

easiest way to learn Spanish

Most people with desire to speak Spanish always want the easiest way to learn Spanish. After vigorous online research, we end up ignoring the facts that shows up and belief there is no easy way to learn to Spanish. We want a way out, learning the grammars, spellings, pronunciation and many other things seems to be a lot of stress.

how to learn Spanish fast

A long time ago, I was actually jealous because I couldn’t understand Spanish, my nephews would gossip about me in Spanish and laugh really loud.

All I want was to be able to understand the language, I really didn’t care about speaking Spanish. So like every teenager I ran to Google, searched how I could learn Spanish very fast, what is the best way to learn Spanish fast. Thousands of answers popped up, I spent hours reading different opinions. At the end, I wasn’t able to learn, understand or speak the language. So I gave up.

best way to learn Spanish

Learning an entirely new language seems to appear difficult, one have to learn a lots of things, their grammars, spellings, alphabets, pronunciations, names they call animals, loved one, tables, books and a lots of things. Starting from the trash always seem like a long way to go.

This reason and so many more has been the major reason why so many have given up. However, our keen desire to be able to speak another language still weighs on our minds, here a lot of people ask, the question- what is the best way to learn Spanish. They seek answers and whatever they find from search engines they apply but still, no difference.

There are so many advantages to learning a language and there are now more resources available than there ever were to help you learn a language. Spanish is the mother tongue of some 329 million people all over the world and over half a billion people can speak the language as either their first or secondary language. It is the third most common language on the planet and the most popular of the romance languages. This and the fact that it is spoken in 21 countries throughout the world makes learning Spanish a very useful tool for business, life or just a hobby.

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