There are so many advantages to learning a language and there are now more resources available than there ever were to help you learn a language. Spanish is the mother tongue of some 329 million people all over the world and over half a billion people can speak the language as either their first or secondary language. It is the third most common language on the planet and the most popular of the romance languages. This and the fact that it is spoken in 21 countries throughout the world makes learning Spanish a very useful tool for business, life or just a hobby.

Learning a language, however, can seem incredibly difficult at times, especially when you listen to a native speaker talking at a million miles per hour. It could be very easy therefore to lose hope and not even try to learn a language; reading a textbook is also rather dull, especially when we are now used to a modern world full of applications and interactivity.

So can we really learn Spanish using the world's biggest resource – the internet? The answer to this is a definite yes. There are so many websites and internet language learning courses which you can choose from offering a more engaging and interesting way to learn a language. Many of them have features such as testing and even speech recognition to help you check your progress as well as pronunciation demonstrations. This is much more interesting than any book that you may come across and the process of learning a language in an interactive manner has been proven to be more effective.

Websites are great for enhancing the experience of learning a language and can be relatively inexpensive. Even if you don't wish to fork out a fortune on an internet program, there are so many resources and you can find a great guide to all aspects of the Spanish grammatical system and it is absolutely free of charge. You can also browse Spanish news websites and internet articles in Spanish to improve your vocabulary.

There are also some very competent DVDs and computer software which perform a similar and slightly more complete function. There are even some which have a speech recognition system to ensure you are pronouncing the words authentically. Some software is particularly effective when it comes to this as it mimics the way in which we would naturally learn Spanish by using words and images. The textbook approach is slightly unnatural and it isn't even necessary to hear the words in English to learn a language quickly.

All things considered, there is an expansive and varied wealth of resources on the internet and providing you choose the right ones you will significantly enhance your language learning experience. Given that Spanish is one of the most commonly learnt second languages, there is a huge market for Spanish learning resources and the internet is awash with great options. They are generally good value for money and are fun; the interactive and testing nature of an online program may help keep you engaged for longer. You really can learn Spanish online.

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