Learning an entirely new language seems to appear difficult, one have to learn a lots of things, their grammars, spellings, alphabets, pronunciations, names they call animals, loved one, tables, books and a lots of things. Starting from the trash always seem like a long way to go.

This reason and so many more has been the major reason why so many have given up. However, our keen desire to be able to speak another language still weighs on our minds, here a lot of people ask, the question- what is the best way to learn Spanish. They seek answers and whatever they find from search engines they apply but still, no difference.

The fact that you tried all means to learn and you still can’t speak does not mean you are dumb or those means are wrong. So, what exactly is wrong with me? Why can’t I learn to speak? The reason will be explained by comparing two things, a subject – mathematics, physics, chemistry and others and a skill – like riding a bicycle, playing football and others.

Studies have shown that student tend to forget over 70% of what they read few weeks after exams, why is that? Student taking languages- Spanish in high school pass excellent during exam yet find it difficult to converse in Spanish, why? In certain periods of our lives we have picked up a skill, either football, skating, riding a car, bike and many more, how do tend to master this things and be so good in them? Practice! That is the best way to learn Spanish. Individuals who are learning languages see it has a course, subjects that is why you pass exams and still can’t speak Spanish. Teachers do most of the practice (speaking) while you sit getting bored. Speaking the language is the most effective way to learn Spanish. Take Spanish language as a skill, practice it, joke with it, sing it, dance to it, feel like an amigo/amiga, take Spanish as an attitude rather than a subject with grades.  

Can I learn Spanish?

Each time I talk and teach Spanish language to people they ask me, can I learn Spanish? Then I answer them with a question why can’t you learn Spanish? They think for a few minute and then smile. They smile because they have no reason not to. Anyone can learn anything, as long as you want to. Our minds are vast and can amazingly surprise you with what it capable of doing. Irrespective of your language, IQ level, race, country and age, it all doesn’t matter, I never said it going to be easy but each day you are step closer to be fluent in Spanish language so I say, Nunca te rindas (never give up).

What app can I make use of?

Technological advancement has made learning great, you can learn wherever and anytime you feel like. You can be learning yet still having funs with friends. Studies shows that learning a language with friends have been really effective as it helps or forces you to speak, listen, read and correct one another. There are tons of them, however I will recommend just two- fluentU and Duolingo. They both help you learn words, speak and listening. They have flash cards, and it reminds you that you need to learn. You can have you and your friend compete on leaderboard and so many.

What online course can I take?

So many are scared of taking online classes because you think it expensive or you don’t have time to meet up with their timing. There is a way to go about that and still learn quickly, here are ways to go about it:

  • Online videos: over the years, lots of people have gone to YouTube and become very fluent in Spanish language, subscribe to channels such as professor Jason spanish, he has a total of 5 million views, his video is simple, well explained and cover a lot of aspect, I respect him.
  • Duolingo spanish: is one of the most popular online Spanish language courses with over 38 million users. It lessons are well organized you cannot move to the next level unless you pass the previous level and you know what, it’s totally free. Yes, free!

With these two, if proper listened to within few weeks so should be able to speak and chat a little at a conversational level.

Best Spanish language CDs to learn?

There are a lots of audiobooks, they are cheap, weightless, timeless (they get old), it is a language learning course all made into a disk, you can hear while coming from work, gym, or eating. It advantage is that it doesn’t hinder your daily activities. This audiobooks are done because music facilitate learning process, so lessons are done with music rhythm beneath.

Audiobook recommended are:

  • Learn Spanish with Paul noble: his program fosters memorization and understanding. It has 12 CD’s and its about 13 hours altogether.
  • FluentU: has tons of audiobooks, it perfectly turns daily Spanish songs, news, films, videos and turn them into lessons how interesting is that.


These are the best ways to learn Spanish. However, this would not work if you fail to practice. My son and daughter practiced riding bicycle, Ana stopped learning because she fell but john as a man continued, eventually Ana was jealous because John one day rode the bicycle without my help for a long distance, john and I were both happy but Ana felt like why did I stop learning to ride just because I fell. If you don’t practice what you learn daily by speaking it, you will never speak Spanish language. This is the most effective way, practice! Nunca te rindas (never give up).


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