A long time ago, I was actually jealous because I couldn’t understand Spanish, my nephews would gossip about me in Spanish and laugh really loud.

All I want was to be able to understand the language, I really didn’t care about speaking Spanish. So like every teenager I ran to Google, searched how I could learn Spanish very fast, what is the best way to learn Spanish fast. Thousands of answers popped up, I spent hours reading different opinions. At the end, I wasn’t able to learn, understand or speak the language. So I gave up.

So, does this mean there is no way to learn Spanish fast? No, there is. This method really did worked for me, though I was made jest of, laughed at. You might be laughed at, don’t bother just concentrate, and in few days you will be able to communicate In Spanish. This method if diligently followed it is the quickest way to learn Spanish.


I will be addressing an effective method you can pick and use and end up learning Spanish faster than you thought, I tried them and it worked within 2 weeks I was already chatting in Spanish.

Method 1

The fastest way to learn is too force you mind into an atmosphere where the only thing breathe in and out is Spanish. How is that possible? When everything around that is in English to Spanish. I started with my phone, I change the language from English to Spanish, this assisted me in learning a lots of words, at first I find it difficult as I do not understand most words, however with the aid of a Spanish dictionary I was able to understand and whenever the words repeated itself I was able to understand. Label all things in your house in Spanish, things such as table, chair, books, lamp, everything just take a little cardboard, look up their names in your Spanish dictionary and write them on the cardboard which will be attached to them.

This is where it sounds a little embarrassing, try not to speak English to anyone. Am not saying don’t speak English, but try saying simple sentences in Spanish, surely they will ask you what you just said then you can translate. Phrases like – greetings; good morning, afternoon, see you later; I am hungry, I am late, I love the movie and other simple sentences say them in Spanish you might not be correct grammatically just say them. You are forcing your brain to accept and create big rooms for the language.

Method 2

This isn’t as difficult as the others but will eventually help you to learn Spanish fast. This is where your love for music will help your, for those who love music. Try downloading Spanish music, there are tons online, any genre you like rap, R&B, blues, vocals only and many more listens to them while you jog, walk, or in a bus. However, statistics has shown that people tend to learn better with music if they hear them before going to bed.

You are not just going to listen to the music alone rather you are meant to download or read the lyrics look at the words in your dictionary try understanding the music. You don’t have to do a lot of music, take it one after the other. After that try memorizing the song, if it will take you to listen to the song 20 times, make sure you do.

Method 3

All this will help you in learning words, but you certainly need to be help to construct words yourselves without cramming certain phrases. Subscribing to a YouTube channels such as Professor Jason Spanish, this will help you understand how to correctly pronounce and speak correctly.

There are also lots of pdf file on learn the grammars of Spanish, try reading 15-20 pages a day. Whenever you are in the shower try recollect all you know or have learnt in Spanish. It really work for me and those I recommended it for.

Also, certain app such as Duolingo will greatly help you to learn Spanish fast as it has a kind of question and answer after teaching you few words in a day, it syntax is awesome and it doesn’t take all your time.


This is question lot of people ask, I once did too. It possible for you to learn Spanish in few minutes, sounds somehow, right? Have you learn the whole English language, most of you would say yes. However, not all words in the dictionary is known. You can only learn to speak Spanish to some extent, learning a language is a continuous process even a professor in English learns daily.

You can learn to read and write in 24 hours even learn some verbs, nouns and other little thing. For those learning Spanish for travel, you can learn Spanish within few days, all you have to do is memorize phrases that has to do with travelling. In case you want to learn Spanish to be able to speak fluently, it would take weeks. The lowest number of days I have ever of someone to learn a new language is 7 days that was possible because he never forgets anything he reads.


People like you and I with short and long term memories, we have to read to remember which might take a little longer. But if the methods stated above are followed with might be a matter of few weeks for you to start speaking just focus and force everything around you to speak Spanish, at first all you will hear is jargons but in couple of days the jargons will start making sense.


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