Most people with desire to speak Spanish always want the easiest way to learn Spanish. After vigorous online research, we end up ignoring the facts that shows up and belief there is no easy way to learn to Spanish. We want a way out, learning the grammars, spellings, pronunciation and many other things seems to be a lot of stress.


In learning any new language, taking it slow and steady always seem the easiest way to go. There are thousands of things to learn and know, if you are worried about them will make you feel burden and make learning Spanish harder for you than you actually thought. In speaking Spanish all words and grammars are not meant to be learnt but the very basic needed to construct and understand simple ideal sentences. Sentences such as I want to eat, I am going to school, my mother is cooking can simply be constructed and understood.

Spanish language has over thousands of idioms, proverbs, sayings and slangs, these are part of Spanish language do you think all is learnt also. Of course, no! Only the basics are needed, this will be enough for anyone to understand to Spanish language better.


I will make detailed analysis on how one can learn Spanish easily. A colleague of mine once learnt a new language without complex textbooks, e-books and online classes. He believed, took a lot of time which he didn’t had. So we decided to try the same methods, kids use during their process of learning. Music, this might seem as though it won’t be efficient but have you ever noticed that after hearing a song let say 3 - 4 times, you sudden can just sing the songs all the way and it isn’t as if you wanted or planned to learn it.

Using audio has been a tool for learning for ages now, we learnt a list of first 20 elements in chemistry using songs to know them and there positions. There are different audios that will be used, they will be discussed below:

Audio classes

This is done to mimic a classroom, there is a teacher and 2 or 3 students. Each audio lesson addresses a particular aspect of Spanish language. This audio lessons might last for around 4 - 6 minutes, however, few nouns, adjective or verbs will be discussed. If the verb to speak is picked, it will be used in numerous example that will be said in real life. For instance, do you Spanish? I can speak English, I am speaking Spanish and many more.

The most interesting part is, it gives room for a pause, allows you to pause the audio lesson and answer questions being asked. Also, you are not restricted to a particular timing, you can learn at your own pace. This audio lessons can be learnt anywhere – your room, toilet, school, bus, gym etc.

Video lessons

This is very similar to audio lessons, the only difference is that you will be watching a teacher teaching and other things. This is also as effective as audio lessons.


Try learning a couple of Spanish songs, I really love their music. While I was learning Spanish their music fostered my learning because I was able to say a lots of words, phrases while singing along and I knew the meanings. Some of my friends, because of this learnt alongside with me. It would be bad, if you only downloaded their music without properly learning the lyrics and with the help of your dictionary find meaning to those words.


This method discussed above are the easiest methods you can apply, if you really want to learn Spanish. This also should be noted, that although they look simple and easy but if not diligently, restlessly followed and studied one might end up not been able to speak Spanish at all.


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