The beatitude of learning Spanish language is when one can actually speak it. I have seen a lot of high school student or rather does who learnt Spanish while in high school despite their grades they still can’t speak. This is because there are two different things, understanding Spanish and speaking Spanish language.

This does not mean you do not understand Spanish or you are not good at it, just that you practiced more of reading, writing and listening than speaking.


This question arises in many minds, despite the good grades in Spanish I still can’t speak fluently, why?

This is because speaking require more energy, time and focus. Speaking a second language fluently means you do not have to interpret from your mother tongue to the second language.

For instance, if I want to say good bye friend, I just say adios amigo without thinking on how to say it because I know it and I joke with it with friends, so it part of me now.

However if I want to say I live to eat, I will take a minute, ask myself a lot of questions such as - what is the verb to eat (oh vivir), verb to eat (comer), how do I conjugate them, then finally saying the words together in Spanish. This time elapse in thinking is what causes stammering when speaking a new language.


Learning spoken Spanish is one of the easiest among the 3 skills of language learning (reading, listening and speaking) after reading.

In learning to speak efficiently, you must have a sound basics of the language. This basics includes how to pronounce Spanish words correctly, how to construct a simple sentence and how to conjugate verbs is needed. These basics will help you speak in your quest to speak Spanish.

If you already know these basics you can move on with improving your speaking skills.

Get a friend

There is no better way to learn how to speak fluently than always having a conversation with a friend or a peer group. You guys can chat in this language, this will drastically improve your speaking skills.

There is no other secrets in being a fluent speak except you practice. You can find someone who speaks Spanish on Spanish Facebook groups, join Whatsapp groups, and other Spanish related groups.

Make no mistake in typing, avoid typing words as reply always reply with a voice note, do not try to speak English, it might be difficult as you don’t know some words, either you look it in your Spanish dictionary or you say your Spanish sentences with English words for those you can say in Spanish, I am sure lots of people will laugh, then correct you on how to say it right.

Speak to yourself loudly

You might not find a friend or not want to meet one. You don’t have to you can still improve by speaking to yourself. Focus your mind to the daily words you do say, i.e. if you tell your younger brothers wake up! Go to school, and others, try telling them in Spanish first then later say the English equivalence to them.

You can also try out Apps that also focuses on your speaking skills, such as Duolingo. Though it takes longer to improve you speaking skills with these apps unlike friends or peer groups chatting and joking around in Spanish. But with consistent practice, you surely would be fluent as long as you keep on speaking it loud.


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