Learning Spanish as a beginner, if not properly guided on how exactly to go, a beginner might end up spending months and years learning without being able to understand and speak.

There are three 3 skills in learning a new language like Spanish also, which are:

  • Reading skill
  • Listening skill and
  • Speaking skill

These skills are to be developed during the course of learning. One cannot attain any higher heights if he/his hasn’t mastered these skills. Every beginner must strive to have a solid foundation, on these foundation/basics is where any further learning builds upon. If the foundation is weak, difficulty would arise in the future.

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Who can learn Spanish?

Anyone can learn any language, including Spanish. Spanish among over 200 languages that exist is easier and interesting to learn, as it commands romance in it tone. So irrespective of who you are and what you are, I see nothing that hinders you from learning Spanish except you of course.

Learning to read and write Spanish easily

Reading and writing is really important if you want to be fluent in Spanish. I will show you how to read and write within a day. You don’t need a textbook here, because you might not really get the right pronunciations and at this stage you cannot afford to get any alphabet miss pronounced because of some oral notations in a textbook.

So get your mobile phone, there are tons of online videos on YouTube addressing how to pronounce the Spanish alphabets, watch 2 – 3 videos and make sure you can recite these alphabets in Spanish. This should take you more than 30 min and maximum of an hour. Then move to the next stage, which is how to pronounce Spanish words, these lessons are also numerous on YouTube, watch also and practices these pronunciation rules there are not as much as the Chinese, Korea, German and many others. These are should not be more than 30 – 60 minutes.

In 2 hours, you can now read and write and Spanish. However your reading skills still needs a lots practices, so download one or two Spanish short stories online not a novel that would be to complex and not useful for now. Read these short stories, at first you would be very slow, don’t worry just keep on reading till the end. After you have completed the short story, start all over from the beginning and read again, continue these sequence until you are able to read these short stories fast. These should not take you more than a day, if practiced well. Try pronouncing the Spanish words correctly.

Easy ways to learn Spanish

There are easy ways for beginners to learn the Spanish language. Beginners should probably have a solid background, I believe the steps above would provide that solid foundations needed.

To further learn Spanish language easily, the easiest way is to use online classes, audio books and video class. These videos can easily be gotten from YouTube. While online classes can be found in many sites such as Duolingo, FluentU and many more.

Fastest way to learn Spanish

One way to learn Spanish faster is to read and practice more. These can be achieved by using the tons of e-books and pdf available for usage online. There are free books that can be easily downloaded.

Also, learning with books all day does not guarantee that you can speak Spanish you have to spend twice the time you spend reading speaking. Without training your speaking skills your learning is inefficient. Speak with friends, family, strangers, Spanish teachers and even yourself.

Two Online Spanish Courses For Beginners

1. Rocket Spanish - It will help you get a good understanding of the language and ensure you attain some amount of confidence and fluency. 

2. Synergy Spanish - The course is ideal for those who need to learn the basics and a little more quickly and effectively. The course is fairly traveler oriented.


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