You probably have heard of learning a language through a podcast and wonder what a podcast is?

A podcast is simply called a talk radio. Podcast is a collections of Audio tracks where addresses a particular subject or theme, you access the audio tracks using an App on your mobile phones.

Spanish podcast therefore contains series of spoken, audio episodes focusing on teaching or improving your Spanish.

Why learn through podcasts?

Learn Spanish through podcasts is really great for people you don’t not have a Spanish teacher or a Spanish speaking person around you, who you can have a dialogue with several times just to practice and learn. These podcast helps boost your speaking and listening skills as you speak and her Spanish from native.

What do I stand to gain?

  • Learning at your pace
  • Your learn from natives which aids your accent included
  • Helps in learning a lot of words and how it’s been used easily
  • What you listening to and how long you will listening how many times you will listen to it is totally decide by you.

Best Spanish podcast

Learning Spanish with Spanish podcast (alongside subtitle films and series) really has huge amount of impact on you. When I was learning Spanish I spent quality time learning from podcasts. The facts that these podcast are also free make them a tool of learning I always recommend for learning Spanish easily.

However, 3 best Spanish podcast will be reviewed in my opinions (stating its pros and cons), this podcasts are the best for people who wants to straighten up there Spanish.

Notes in Spanish

This is picked first because it carefully deals with beginners and likewise offers an advance level for people with a higher level in Spanish. The lessons are well done, courses are also arranged in a progressive manner.

During your beginner lessons English is spoken more while at an advanced level Spanish is spoken most of the time.

Coffee Break Spanish

These podcast is really good for more you just started learning the Spanish language. These lessons are taught by professors, and a student seems to make it look more like a class. The lesson are 15 – 20 minutes lessons which are well structured in a progressive syntax. Most times when Spanish is not spoken, English with an amazing Scottish accent is said instead.

Coffee break Spanish like other podcast are not completely free. Materials such as vocabulary PDFs, grammar pints and some audio exercises are being paid for before you can make sure of them.

Slow Spanish News

This is another Spanish podcast, it really quite helpful a lot. It help improve your listening skills. These podcast is meant for those you have completed all lesson and are bored of it. You can maintain your skill by making you of it while you try understand a new said in Spanish slowly.

These podcast summarizes the news for week and in simple Spanish it is said at lower speed when compared to the normal News TV at its normal speed. It slow speed is to help you so you can pick the words slowly and interpret it.

There are also glossary and the transcript so you can use to better understand what is being said.

However, great this app seems, it does not help you improve your speaking skill likewise it doesn’t understand the Spanish grammar any better.


There are the three most helpful podcast, you can’t learn with it for as long as you want. They are available for all users and it is affordable and not as expensive as other means of learning. Most of them helps boost your listen and speaking skills.

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