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Breaking The Arabic CodeSuitable for: Beginner, Intermediate.
Package Included: 10 ebooks, arabic learning software.

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My Thoughts of Breaking The Arabic Code

With 280 million native speakers spread across 22 countries, Arabic is one of the most popular languages around the globe. Arabic has been one of the oldest languages in the world and was used for penning the Islamic holy book Quran. Learning Arabic is not an easy task, as the script is written from left to right.

Breaking the Arabic Code is a good option for those looking to learn this language, as the language experts who designed the course material have more than 3 decades of Arabic teaching experience.

Breaking The Arabic Code - The Pros

If you are eager to speak error free Arabic by using the right accent, joining Breaking the Arabic Code is the right option as it provides you with numerous features like:

Step by Step guide to learn Arabic - As soon as you enroll for this program, you are provided with 10 instantly downloadable PDF books about Arabic alphabets, numerals, sentence formation, grammar, and dialogues that are used in day to day life.

Easy to download software: Subscribers of this program get access to an upgraded software course that comes with hundreds of phrases. You also get a hear it-speak it dictionary where you can say the word after listening to it and practice your pronunciation.

Quizzes and tests to chart your progress on a learning curve: Breaking the Arabic Code also provides you with numerous quizzes and tests so that you can track your progress.

24x7 support and guidance: You can directly interact with the program guide who will steer you toward the path of faster learning and mastering the Arabic language.

Breaking the Arabic Code comes with a 60 day money back guarantee that provides you with a good opportunity to try out the course without worrying if it will be true value for money.

The good news doesn’t end here, for you can take advantage of the limited time bonus offer and get this Arabic speaking product by paying a one-time fee of $39.95 instead of the normal price of $69.95.

Breaking The Arabic Code - The Cons

Breaking the Arabic code provides you with the perfect opportunity to learn Arabic at your own pace by using various PDFs videos and audio files, but the lack of a concrete curriculum and time duration tracking may sometimes slow down the progress of individuals who are lazy or lack motivation.

The program creator makes you believe that you can start speaking fluent Arabic in just a matter of days, which is not practically possible unless a lot of effort is put into learning the language.

The Verdict

Breaking the Arabic Code is a good course for beginners and intermediate users, as you are provided with basic guides to learn this language from the foundation itself in forms of separate booklets dedicated to alphabets, numerals, and grammar.


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