How is Rocket Chinese? Does this course really work for you? Before you go, make sure you've read the Pros & Cons, user review first!

Rocket ChineseSuitable for: Beginner, Intermediate.
Package Included: 31 Interactive Audio Lessons, 31 Language and Culture Lessons, MegaChinese Software Games, Lifetime Membership...

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My Thoughts of Rocket Chinese

Learning any foreign language can be quite a challenge if you are not equipped with the right materials or if you do not come across the correct guide. Enrolling yourself in a tutorial can prove to be really expensive and time consuming. Going for self teaching with the help of language teaching books can turn out to be expensive and tedious.

Rocket Chinese can make the entire process a lot easier for you. This comprehensive program is packed with all it takes to learn Chinese effectively and in limited time.


Rocket Chinese - The Pros

The program is packed with unique features, each catering to your Chinese learning requirements. These features include:

  • 5 Component Chinese Learning Tool- The program has been divided into 5 components which take care of all the dimensions of learning Chinese.
  • Grammar is No Longer Boring- To learn any language effectively you need to have a proper knowledge of its grammar. Rocket Chinese makes grammar fun and interactive. So at the end of the day you learn grammar and enjoy it as well.
  • 24*7 Online Access- Rocket Chinese gives you a 24*7 online access to Chinese Learning Forum where a team of Chinese teachers, native speakers and fellow enthusiasts are ever ready to answer to all your queries.
  • Rocket Chinese is Affordable- In spite of being packed with so many features, the program is really affordable at just $99.95.
  • Bonus Gifts- If you buy the program now, you will be eligible to get the special bonus package worth $49.95 absolutely free.

These and many more such features have made Rocket Chinese a must have for all the Chinese learning aspirants. The 31 Interactive Audio Lessons and 31 Language and Culture Lessons will help you learn and speak Chinese confidently.

With the help of MegaChinese Software Games, you can build up your Chinese vocabulary and improve your understanding of spoken Chinese. Last but not least, you get to test how much you have improved with the help of self quizzes and tests. And when you feel you are ready, you can go ahead and become a certified Rocket Chinese learner.

The program comes with a 60 day money guarantee. So in case you are not satisfied with the program, you can get your full money back.

Rocket Chinese - The Cons

There are some disadvantages associated with this program:

  • The program is for all those Chinese language learning enthusiasts who can progress at their own zeal. Since there is no time restraint, people usually tend to take it too slow and that affects the pace of learning.
  • The heavy promotion will make you feel the program will magically make you a Chinese aficionado, which is not the case. You will actually have to work hard on your own evevn though the program will guide you throughout.

The Verdict

In spite of these minor disadvantages, the program has got what it takes to learn Chinese quickly. It is affordable and instantly downloadable with a single click of the mouse.

Buy Rocket Chinese- it’s worth each and every cent that you spend.


Order Information:
* Rocket Chinese comes with a 100% 60 days Money Back Guarantee.
* Rocket Chinese Course is available from And their official site is the only place where you can buy this audio course.

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Rocket Languages Offers Special Limited Sale Now:
Rocket Chinese Premium(Beginners Chinese Course): $299.95 $99.95/Download, or $299.95/Hardcopy.
Rocket Chinese Premium Plus(Intermediate Chinese Course): $299.95 $149.95/Download, or $299.95/Hardcopy.
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