There's a never-ending supply of language learners out there who are thirsty to learn English: undoubtedly the world's official language.

After all, a great majority of business is conducted under the language - and the same is true for the media that we consume (or bombarded with) 24 hours a day.

Furthermore, there's just an insatiable demand for it in both non-English speaking countries as well as the anglophone world itself.

Couple that with the need for English language certifications such sa the TOEFL and the IELTS for language learners seeking to study abroad or to work abroad, and you'll have a market with virtually limitless potential - and limitless demand for learning.

And that's where Rocket Languages' English program comes into play - which is, quite frankly, one of the better English language learning programs from the get-go.

Let's examine how and why this is so.

How Does Rocket English Work?

If you've spent any time at all learning languages, you'll be familiar, or at least you will have heard about Rocket Languages - they are one of the biggest players in the language learning solutions scene, which includes Rosetta Stone, Living Languages, and Michel Thomas, among others. And for good reason: Rocket Languages boasts a holistic program that offers the familiar autodidactic interactive audio courses that we have come to associate and learn with from the Michel Thomas and Pimsleur methods (albeit with much more updated and relevant vocabulary and situations), while offering the robust visuals and games that Rosetta Stone and Duolingo offers, which makes for a well-rounded language learning experience for most beginners and intermediate learners to use, featuring visual, aural, listening, and reading comprehension elements - for literally minutes a day. Plus, the supplementary course on English culture isn't bad at all - it's perfect especially for those who are learning English as a second language, and seeking to further their studies or professional experience in the anglophone world.


As this is one of the more proven Rocket Languages courses, it's a pretty well-built, robust, and comprehensive course - you'll have relevant conversation and vocabulary practice, you'll have your reinforcement through quizzes and language games, and you don't have to spend set times to finish particular modules (thus reducing the risk of information overload and lack of focus). Unlike other courses, this course offers writing practice as well as good reading and comprehension training for those who want to take their English learning at a higher level. It's excellent value for money, and that's more than enough in the day of social media and instant gratification.


The biggest sticking point I have with this course is that it isn't further specialized - meaning, there isn't a particular English course for Portuguese speakers, for instance. And this can mean a lot for those whose native languages are different from English. There are other courses out there that specialize in offering English courses tailored to, say, Japanese or Spanish speakers, and Rocket Languages doesn't. Furthermore, another sticking point I can see here is that some of the conversations are not too relevant (how many times do we need to know what to say in the office when we're just starting out learning languages)? But I digress - don't let these little blips take away from the overall course, because it is actually a very good option for English language learners to begin with.

The Verdict

English language learners can't go wrong with the Rocket English Language Program for starters - it offers everything that a prospective beginning to intermediate English language learner needs to begin with. As it stands, it's an excellent supplementary course for those learning in classroom or private training sessions, and that's more than enough reason to get a copy of it.

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