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Rocket FrenchSuitable for: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced.
Package Included: Downloadable lessons and games(33 Interactive Audio Lessons, 31 French Language Lessons, 31 French Culture Lessons, MegaFrench Software Games...), MP3/iPod compatible audio, Free Bonus Pack...

My Thoughts of Rocket French

French is one foreign language that is learnt in almost all parts of the world. If you too are looking for an effective, yet affordable way of learning French in a fun and time-friendly way, then Rocket French is the tool for you.

Rocket French- The Pros

There are some unique features that are associated with this program. You will seldom come across a product that is as packed with almost all the things you require at a pocket friendly price as Rocket French.

The product features include:

  • Lifetime Membership to the Course- The course is not valid for a specific time period. With this product, you can learn French at your own pace and learn it well. No one is going to rush you, and you no longer have to worry about missing out on lessons.
  • Downloadable MegaFrench Software Games- To make the learning session interactive and fun, Rocket French uses MegaFrench Software Games. These will help you improve your understanding of the spoken language and also help you master the verbs so that you can learn French grammar and enjoy it as well.
  • Quizzes and Self tests- These self evaluative tests will help you know if you are making any progress with your French. Moreover, with the progress tracker, you can actually keep a tab on your learning process.
  • Rocket French Certification - With Rocket French, you get a certificate after the completion of the course. Therefore, at the end of the day, you become a certified learner of the French language.
  • Ordering today will get you an access to the $79.90 worth Bonus Pack inclusive of 10 Bonus Lessons absolutely free.

This instantly downloadable program comes with 33 interactive easy to learn and follow audio lessons that will double as your French teacher 24/7. You can listen to them any time and at any place.

The 31 French Language Lessons and the 31 French Culture lessons are going to teach you spoken French and will also help you get accustomed with French customs and culture. You also do not have to worry about getting bang for your buck, as this course comes with a 60 day money back guarantee.


Rocket French- The Cons

There are certain disadvantages of this course as well. These include:

  • The absence of any time restraint can slow down your learning process. Most of the progress you make depends on your personal zeal.
  • The promotional aspect might make you think that the program will teach you French even if you do not make any effort. In reality, the program equips you with all the required materials and makes the process simple. The real work still needs to be done by you.

The Verdict

In spite of the minor setbacks, the program is something you just cannot afford to lose. It is easily the best French learning tool available online. Rocket French takes care of all the dimensions of learning a language. Priced at just $49.95, it is worth every cent you spend.


Order Information:
* Rocket French comes with a 100% 60 days Money Back Guarantee.
* Rocket French Course is available from their official site, which is the only place where you can buy this audio course.

Best Price:
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Rocket French Platinum(Advanced French Course): $299.95 $149.95/Download, or $299.95/Hardcopy.

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