Do you know the Pros & Cons of Rocket Korean? Does it really work for you? Before you go, make sure you've read my thoughts first!

Rocket KoreanSuitable for: Beginner, Intermediate.
Package Included: 32 Interactive Audio Lessons, 27 Language and Culture Lessons, MegaKorean Software Games, Lifetime Membership...

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My Thoughts of Rocket Korean

Are you looking forward to learning the Korean language? Do you want an easy and effective method of learning Korean? Are you looking for a product that will be easy on your pocket as well? If so, Rocket Korean is made for you.

Rocket Korean is a comprehensive and step by step illustration to learning Korean. This program makes learning Korean simple.

Rocket Korean - The Pros

There are a lot of unique features that have been included in this product. You cannot really find a product that is packed with so many features and is still very affordable. The exclusive features of this program include:

  • Instant Access- Getting this program is very easy and is available for instant download. No longer do you have to wait for product delivery. You can start off as soon as you have the program with you.
  • Rocket Korean is Interactive-The program makes sure that you are not bored with learning a new language. Picking up new words can otherwise be boring, but this program uses the MegaKorean Software games to help you learn an innumerable number of new Korean words.
  • Go for Self Evaluation- At every step of this program, you can go for the self evaluative quizzes and tests. These will help boost your Korean learning and speaking skills.
  • You Become a Certified Learner- At the end of the complete course you become a certified learner of the Korean Language. This boosts your Curriculum Vitae and your prospects as well.
  • Bonus Gifts- Purchasing this program now will get you the bonus gift of 10 Korean Vocab Lessons at $49.95 only.

The program is basically divided into 5 components. Each of them caters to all your Korean learning requirements. The interactive audio lessons take care of your listening and learning of the Korean language. With the language and culture lessons, you will get to develop your spoken Korean abilities.

So many features and just one program- Rocket Korean is available at a cheap and affordable price of $149.95 only. In case you are not satisfied with the program, you can get your full money refunded.

Rocket Korean - The Cons

The program has a few minor disadvantages. These include:

  • Dependence on Individual Zeal- There is no time constraint with this program. The enthusiasm and eagerness to learn the language effectively is going to determine your success.
  • May seem like spoon feeding- It might seem that the program is going to teach you Korean even if you do not make any effort on your part. This is a clear misconception. The program is only going to make learning Korean fast and simple.


The Verdict


Rocket Korean is your budget learning tool for mastering Korean. In no other program can you find so many unique features together. And the best part is- it is affordable and easy to access. You are guided at every step.

Rocket Korean is the ideal Korean learning tool and is worth every cent you spend on it.


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* Rocket Korean comes with a 100% 60 days Money Back Guarantee.
* Rocket Korean Course is available from And their official site is the only place where you can buy this audio course.

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