NuLengua claims that their system can enable you to learn Spanish FASTER than ever before. Is it true? I'll reveal the Pros & Cons, user reviews of this amazing Spanish course in this review.

NuLengua SpanishSuitable for: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.
Package Included: NuLengua online Spanish lessons via Skype. (Each lesson equals 50 minutes of instruction.)

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My Thoughts of NuLengua online Spanish course


NuLengua Spanish course is targeted at those who wish to learn Spanish but are unable to do so because of the absence of a good training center near their homes. This online Spanish learning package makes you a glib conversationalist by conducting live sessions with an experienced tutor over Skype. The one to one sessions with native Spanish tutors will make you fluent in this language by the end of the course.

The Pros of NuLengua online Spanish course

Available at pocket friendly prices, NuLengua is a course for every Spanish learning aspirant because of its attractive features like:

No software download and installation hassles: You don’t have to install heavy software and go through complex instructions to install the program on your computer; all you need to do is to download Skype messenger and register at NuLengua for free, and you are ready to embark on your Spanish learning experience.

Personal attention: NuLengua Spanish sessions are akin to exercising and doing physical training with your very own personal trainer. Your one to one time with a Spanish expert will help you learn and speak this language fluently in due course of time.

Tuition reimbursement: Human resource departments of many companies would be more than eager to reimburse the tuition fees of NuLengua Spanish learning course as it increases their productivity and job related capabilities.

Low cost and easy payment options: Since each 50 minute training session with an expert costs just about $10 or slightly more, the NuLengua Spanish course is literally a steal for anyone who wants to speak the language like a native. You can make use of PayPal to pay the Nulengua fee and enjoy a session whenever and wherever you want.

Customized courses to suit individual needs: Beginner, intermediate, and advanced modules are available for NuLengua subscribers, but special modules can be planned based on your specific needs.

The Cons of NuLengua online Spanish course

The course is perfect for working executives who need to learn Spanish to add value to their career profile and will get the tuition refunds from their employers. The basic program needed to start the course i.e. Skype messenger can be downloaded for free, but the website makes no mention about whether the content of this course can be downloaded or not.

The course is perfect for intermediate and advanced level learners, as they are essentially looking for an expert to help them perfect their pronunciation and accent, but beginners may need to put in extra efforts while using this course.


My Verdict

NuLengua is a perfect course for you if you would like to learn Spanish from an expert personal trainer. You can plan your classes as per your own schedule whenever you want, as you are charged on hourly basis.


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* NuLengua online Spanish course is available from And their official site is the only place where you can join this course.

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I took Spanish classes here with a few different teachers, my main complaint is there's not a structured lesson format that they follow. Also they don't seem to regular how many hours the teachers can work, one teacher in particular said she usually does between 12-14 hours of teaching a day. Unfortunately for me I work doing the day and took lessons in the evening, so she was totally exhausted by that point. Also she seemed to be clueless as to what we worked on previously, as she has so many students. I've since switched to and the lessons there are about a million times better.
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