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Transparent Language offers a great degree of variety, as far as the number of languages is concerned. The number of language courses it offers is truly exemplary, and obviously, you have a wide range of choices. In fact, you can choose from 105 languages. The unique selling point is that you can learn languages that are not so well known to the world (for example: Breton, Scottish Gaelic, and Maya). Such languages are not prominent or popular, but they are certainly spoken by specific sections of people.

Transparent Language has devised innovative and out-of-the-box methods of delivering language lessons. This is done keeping in mind ease of use, simplicity of the lessons, and high effectiveness of the end results. There is a lot of emphasis on visual learning and challenging the thinking process of the learner. Thus, there are a lot of video lessons, games, quizzes, and evaluation sessions that keep the learner engaged and absorbed throughout.

Also, the learner is constantly able to assess his/her progress. Transparent Language also provides audio learning software that you can carry with you wherever you go and learn on the move. You get to know how a specific language is spoken by the native speakers of the language, and that helps you improve your pronunciation. It has a reading and a speaking engine that helps you immensely to improve your language skills.

The BYKI (Before You Know It) program is a flash card language learning program that has been getting rave reviews because of its innovative approach towards learning languages. It is interesting and can also keep a track of how you have been retaining the lessons learned. Since the program is absorbing, the problem of knowledge retention is rare.

However, most of the languages have an online version, and you cannot have a physical product. Also, the language learning programs tend to jump into native conversations that could prove a bit uncomfortable to some learners.

After all these wonderful features, the pricing is a pleasant surprise and the products are reasonably priced. Additionally, if the language learning products are physically shipped across to you, they come with a 30 day money back guarantee. Transparent Language offers the BYKI software that enables you to speak a language like it is spoken by its native speakers, and this comes at an amazing price of $70.

The audio learning software that enables you to learn the language while on the move comes at just $50. The Learn Language Now package is a comprehensive language learning package that comes with a price tag of just $50. If you want to buy the complete learning package for any specific language, it will cost $120. The shipping and handling charges are, however, not included in this package if you opt for a physical shipment of the product.

The pricing is certainly a unique selling point, as the language solutions are among the more reasonably priced products in the market.

Transparent Language has a good customer support team, and you are sure to have your concerns and queries addressed at the earliest possible opportunity. You can contact the customer support depart of Transparent Language through e-mail, fax, or phone.


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