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The knowledge of several languages is considered to be a distinct advantage in almost every profession, and people with multilingual skills are in demand in just about every sector.


Auralog offers language courses in 9 different languages, and each of these courses are highly popular because of their approach and effectiveness. These programs are known as TELL ME MORE, and each program is constantly improvised to meet your requirements and make learning a language fun and exciting.

The program has a new look interface in terms of colors and elements that make learning interesting. The interface is intuitively designed and very easy to use. The color schemes, buttons, icons, and the overall usability of the interface make it a highly attractive and easy to use tool.

TELL ME MORE enables you to find out how you have been progressing with your goals of language learning. It has tracking tools that enable you to track your progress.

TELL ME MORE is backed by years of research by language experts. The tool is based on communication principles that are proven and time tested. These principles ensure that you master a language like a native speaker of the language, and that your learning is not confined to memorizing some words and sentences.

When you are using TELL ME MORE, you can reap the PRIME advantages:

  • Progressive: Regardless of your proficiency in a language, TELL ME MORE will have something additional to offer you. If you are a beginner, TELL ME MORE will teach you the basics and take you forward to the advanced level. IF you are an advanced learner, TELL ME MORE will add value to your skills and knowledge. What's more, the program offers assessment tests for each level that can give valuable and objective feedback.
  • Real World: The unique selling point about TELL ME MORE is that it brings the culture of the country whose language you are learning. You get to experience the culture, history, and background of the people of the specific country, and that very experience is uniquely helpful in assimilating and absorbing the language. This is an entirely different experience and a different approach from the approach of memorization.
  • Interactive: There are a lot of interactive programs that come with the learning solution that make the entire learning experience extremely enjoyable and enriching.
  • Motivating: The program features are varied and designed to challenge your faculties constantly. There are a number of exercises that will keep you engaged, and you will like the approach that tracks your progress.
  • Effective: The program is designed to deliver results quickly and effectively. According to a survey by GFK in 2008, 95% of learners expressed satisfaction with the results of the program.

The best feature of the TELL ME MORE program is probably the insights on the culture and history of the people of a specific country. You get to learn about the factors that have influenced their language, how the language evolved, the dialects, and exact way of pronouncing words and sentences, and so on. What this does is to create a sound foundation so that you get to speak the language like a native speaker

You have perfect reasons to invest in TELL ME MORE, and these are:

  • Increased flexibility of the courses in catering to diverse requirements
  • The entire program is highly interactive; in fact, there are 40 types of activities to keep you engaged, and this translates to 10,000 exercises per program.
  • The program is developed by experts who are seasoned in developing world class language learning solutions.
  • The program is highly customized as far as languages are concerned. The program is developed keeping in mind the uniqueness of each language and its associated culture, history, and people.
  • TELL ME MORE is an award winning program and is well known for its smart solutions.
  • The program does not end even after it is completed; you will have a continuous association with our customer service staff, and they will be keen to address all your queries any time.


Note: TELL ME MORE is now part of Rosetta Stone.

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