Do you want to learn Spanish fast and easy like crazy? If yes, you may wanna discover more about a Spanish course called Learning Spanish Like Crazy. Read the Pros & Cons, user reviews of it below.

Learning Spanish Like CrazySuitable for: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced.
Package Included: 30 Audio lessons, High quality Bonuses.

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My Thoughts of Learning Spanish Like Crazy

For all those keen to learn Spanish, here is a site that will give you fluency and confidence without the boring tedium of memorizing and doing grammar exercises. The method follows the principle of learning through listening and speaking rather than reading, memorizing, and writing. The site offers 10 free video lessons, so you can decide if this is the course for you.

The lessons are delivered by native Spanish speakers with authentic Latin American accents. You hear and learn Spanish as it is spoken in Central and South America, which is quite different from what is spoken in Spain and Mexico.

The Pros of Learning Spanish Like Crazy

- The fun and easy interactive method

The method is completely based on audio. The emphasis is on listening and mimicking.

- Real Latin American Spanish

Here, you get grammatically correct Spanish as it is spoken in everyday life- no formal textbook Spanish that most cannot understand. The vocabulary, phrases, and expressions included are part of normal life and living.

- The course contents

There are 15 Audio CDs from Learning Spanish Like Crazy. That's 30 lessons, plus 15 Audio CDs of the Foreign Service Institute's (FSI) Programmatic Spanish Level 1 course, which is another 17 hours of recorded Latin American Spanish. The complete FSI Programmatic Spanish Textbook and Instructor's manual are on a CD in the PDF format. All the lessons come with a complete transcript for those who want the visual medium too.

- The ‘No questions asked 8 week money back guarantee’

Do the course for 8 weeks if you don’t like it or if you feel it’s not what you are looking for, for you can get a full refund, no questions asked.

There are 6 bonuses for those who register with the program, which include advanced lessons, sayings and insults in Spanish, the vulgar and non- vulgar variants (you should know if someone is insulting you, right?)

- Cost and delivery

The entire package comes in a digital downloadable version of 30 lessons and 6 bonus deals for $99.99, including the FSI Programmatic Spanish 1-4 kit. The CD Platinum Package is for $299 and contains 50 CDs, including downloadable mp3 files of Spanish sayings and insults and instant access to the digital downloadable version of FSI Spanish Level 3 and 4. The only difference between the two is the delivery type.

CDs can be played on your CD player, while the downloaded lessons are in MP3 format so that you can play it on your computer or MP3 player.


The Cons of Learning Spanish Like Crazy

To speak Spanish properly, you have to practice regularly to boost your confidence. The course takes the learner from beginner levels to intermediate levels, but for the advanced levels, you have to buy the required Level 2 course. Also, there is no writing and reading involved at all.

My Verdict

Learning Spanish Like Crazy is fun, affordable, and will teach you colloquial Spanish for everyday use. If this is what you are looking for, then this is the course for you.


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* Learning Spanish Like Crazy comes with a 100% 60 days Money Back Guarantee.
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