How is RosettaStone Spanish course? Is it worth the money? We'll reveal the Pros & Cons, user reviews of this course next.

Suitable for: Beginner, Intermediate.
Package Included: Interactive Software, Audio Companion, Headset with Microphone.

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My Thoughts of Rosetta Stone Spanish(Latin America)

Leaning Spanish has never been easier or more fun than with the Rosetta Stone online course. The site offers courses in Spanish for personal, corporate, and government use. As compared to other online Spanish courses, Rosetta Stone uses different approaches and techniques to ensure the user gets full value for his or her money.

The site uses a new interactive language learning software that uses a completely different style of teaching. It has taken away the routine of memorizing and translating which often became tedious and a bit boring.

The Pros of Rosetta Stone Spanish course

The site has some innovative and interesting methods within its course structure that enable the student to learn effectively and intensively:

- A new technique

The immersion method is a brand new concept in the field of learning. It takes away from the tedium of translations and memorizing. The whole concept is based on thinking. The course has been structured in a way that the student is made to think.

- Interactive Lessons

The lessons take the learner from words to small and complex sentences via a structured sequence of lessons which are interactive-intensive. The emphasis is on learners hearing and repeating words and matching them to images to enhance recall. Sentences are left incomplete to enable the student to complete it, thereby making the student think in Spanish.

- Build conversation skills

The course uses a building block approach where the student is slowly able to construct full sentences using the previously learnt lessons. The speech recognition technology listens to you and gives immediate feedback on how you spoke.

- The fun element

As with all courses, Rosetta Stone has some interactive games and puzzles to boost vocabulary and confidence. The course ensures you have fun with the entire learning process.

- The Product

The product comes in 5 levels where you can buy individual levels as per your requirements, or opt for the whole set of 5 wherein you save money. The product consists of an application disc, language disc, headset, user’s guide and the curriculum text. Rosetta Stone provides a “Six month no-risk money-back guarantee” on the Personal Edition CD-ROM products bought directly from the site.

The Cons of Rosetta Stone Spanish course

The pricing is on the higher side, and even if you buy the set of 5 levels, it is still fairly expensive.

There is no dictionary or translation if the learner is stuck on an image. The software does not have much in terms of syntax, grammar understanding, conjugation, and gender- all of which are essential when learning any language.

My Verdict


As a package, the software is good for those who know some amount of Spanish and want to enhance their skills. But for beginners, the lack of grammar and other essential language tools may make things slightly difficult. They have a money back guarantee which can be utilized if you find the course unsatisfactory, although it would be a good idea to read the terms and conditions of use before you buy the course.


Order Information:
* Rosetta Stone Spanish is guranteed with a six-month, no questions asked, money-back gurantee.
* Rosetta Stone Spanish Course is available from which is a nice place to buy this course. And you can also find the retail location here: .

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Ease of Use
Value for Money
Help / Support
My Review for this course
Most frustrating system, was always stopping and saying error, would have to contact company and spend hours trying to fix, One day it stopped running completely and no one from company could fix it. I was given various bogus excuses. Not worth the headache. My son completed 3/4 of first full year program and couldn't speak spanish!
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Kim Kersey
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Ease of Use
Value for Money
Help / Support
My Review for this course
For the price of this software you would think that the company would stand behind the product. I purchased Rosetta Stone Spanish Levels 1 &2 and used it for several months. Then disks just stopped working (same computer). After hours and hours on line with tech support and "complimentary disks" (I had to send the originals back and pay $29 shipping for the replacements), they still wouldn't work. After 3-4 months and a third set of disks, tech support stated that my CD drive was not compatible with the software (I have a Dell Computer????). Customer Service said NO REFUND, NO NEW VERSION, just too bad because the 6 months exchange/refund period had expired. This is a software company....and they produce disks that are not compatible with Dell computers....later they changed their story and said it was because the version I purchased was not compatable with Vista. I am out $399 and have some worthless CD's. For less than $5 they could have sent me another version (if that was really the issue). Customer service staff was rude and demeaning. Buy a cheaper program and don't risk the big investment knowing that Rosetta Stone will not stand behind their product. I would mark a "less than zero for "Value for Money" and "Help/Support" if available.
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