Fluenz is a software package for individuals looking for a better designed software for learning a new language, a software better than most software you find online.

Fluenz is also a language learning software, it helps learning through a one-one-one tutoring sessions, according to the Fluenz founder Sonia Gil. It learning tools are very comprehensive.

However, if you are definitely looking for a software to help to be fluent in Spanish, this isn’t the software for you. The software is meant for people who probably need to do something like pre-study before taking a Spanish class. It can also be used during high school or university language class to make good grades.


Fluenz comes in two DVDs and two audio CDs. You can’t work from any of the uploaded files on the system. This is always annoying. The disc to be used depends on the lesson you want to learn, there are 2 – 5 studies level in which each levels as over 30 lessons in each. Making around 60 – 150 lessons.

This work by mixing on-screen video of a foreign language teacher which explains the core of each lessons. The mixing involve audio, virtual and interactive exercise. However, Fluenz has the best virtual exercise when compared to others. These lessons are done to mimic a real classroom, this enables better learning. However not everyone likes the idea of a classroom.  

Fluenz helps you with practicing the language, by making a conversation. The lessons are focused on the content rather than the accents marks, so you can speak and spell words correctly.  You will be indulge in activities such as matching, dictation and speech recording. During these activities one can get stuck, Fluenz will help you out with hints. Fluenz dictation require you to hear sounds in Spanish and write the Spanish equivalence.

The lessons are well organized. One can skip a lesson and likewise make a review of the past lesson already learnt. This is very useful as not everyone is a beginner. You can view the lesson and start at any point you want to. During your learning process, Fluenz make analysis of your strength and weakness on each lessons, tis helps you in determining which of the lessons you are meant to review.

You can access your Fluenz Spanish lessons anywhere making use of one login username, either desktop or mobile. Your progress is well saved nothing to fear. You can both enjoy Fluenz on desktop and on mobile.

Fluenz Spanish Pros:

  • Can be used outside the desktop app
  • Have lots of access to podcast and mp3 lessons
  • A friendly board to practice Spanish
  • An awesome interface

Fluenz Spanish Cons:

  • Fluenz is relatively slow.


Fluenz is one of the best software programs with lessons and a whole lots of resources to help create a perfect Spanish learning environment. Fluenz due to its olden method of teaching which is one-on-one tutoring is very slow, it does not incorporate modern teaching methods can be relatively slow.fluenz will surely help you read, write and spell well, which is why it is recommended as a good supplemental study program.


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